Types Of Pillow Fillers

подушка photoWithout a good high-quality pillow that is soft enough and provides proper support for the neck and head at the same time, good and healthy night sleep is impossible. In addition to pains in the neck and upper back, or even in your shoulders and arms, you can get headaches due to poor blood circulation in the head. When the position of your neck and head is not correct during sleeping, you risk to get chronic headaches and also swollen face in the morning.

Solution to all these problems is the purchase of a new pillow, or even several ones for different occasions. However, what type to choose? There are so many types of fillers for pillows today, and the manufacturer of each type promises their option is the best. In order not to get lost, use our detailed review of the modern pillow fillers.

The Best Fillers

There are different materials for filling the pillows today, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make an informed choice check out the following review:

  • Feathers. This is a classic option, that promises softness, coziness, and good support. Feathers are natural and keep the pillow warmer in the cold time of the year. However, despite the fact that this material is considered more on the expensive side, here, their benefits end. Feathers can cause you lots of problems. They can provoke allergy or asthma. From rubbing, they slowly create microscopic dust that attracts microbes and ticks. Feathers sag with time, and you have to plump the pillows more often. Feathers do not regulate the temperature, they are heavy, and if you sweat at night, it will be hard to dry the pillow in the morning.
  • подушка photoDown. This is the smallest, the softest feathers that are located close to the bird’s skin. Such pads are super soft and cozy, but they do not provide support. They are on the luxurious side in terms of price, but, unfortunately, they share the same disadvantages with feathers.
  • Memory foam. This is one of the best materials you can choose. It is synthetical, of course, but it does not provoke allergy and does not turn into microscopic dust. Due to being made of several layers, some softer, some firmer, memory foam provides both softness and support for the neck. Each time you lay down, it adjusts to the shape of your neck and head, and each time you mode, it readjusts. When you get up, memory foam returns to its initial shape, and you never need to plump it. In terms of price, it is a very moderate option.
  • Microbeads. Provide firm support of the head and neck, and do not cause allergies. However, have to be plumped each time.

These are the best fillers n the market. Choose the one you feel suits you the most!

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