How To Make Your Sleep Both Pleasant And Useful

sleep photoSleeping is crucial for our health. All body systems and their functioning rely heavily on good quality sleeping and rest. Without sleeping at all, the person dies within a week due to exhaustion of the nervous system. Without proper and healthy sleep, of course, nobody dies, but you risk suffering chronic fatigue and pains, experience bad mood and irritation, and your well-being will generally be lower.

Sleeping is pleasant, yet there are some rules you have to follow to make it really pleasant and actually useful for the body. regardless of how tired you feel, if you fall asleep in uncomfortable conditions, you are unlikely to restore the energy. So, follow a set of simple tips to enhance the quality of your rest.

Rules To Follow

These easy and free of charge tips will help you rest like a king (or queen!):

  • avoid eating too much before you go to bed. Otherwise, you will feel heavy and full, and will not be able to take a comfortable position.
  • take a shower or a bath before going to bed. In addition to washing, which is important to remove all external products from your skin and allow it to breathe properly at night, the water will make you relax and fall asleep faster.
  • ventilate the room properly, even if it is winter and it is cold outside. Fresh air is crucial for proper functioning of the body and brain any time of the year.
  • do not drink a lot before you go to bed, otherwise, you are likely to get up at night to go to the WC, and risks are you won’t be able to fall asleep again. But if you know you might wake up thirsty at night, put a glass of water on the night table. This will prevent you from bumping into things around the house at night on your way to the kitchen.
  • sleep photoWear proper night clothes. If it is really cold, make sure you put on warm pajamas. Do not be shy in front of your partner if you believe pajamas is stupid or not sexy. Your ice-cold feet are not sexy, and your shivering the whole night is not sexy as well.
  • If it is hot, consider not wearing anything at all while you sleep. However, if you have children that can come in at any moment, something light and cool is more preferable.
  • Choose bed linen after the same principle. If it is hot outside or in the room, choose sateen or linen; if it is winter, pick cotton or flannel sheets.
  • if you like nice smells, and you are not allergic, put a cup of hot water with a few drops of essential oil in it. The water will evaporate with the oil, and you will go to sleep feeling the aroma that relaxes you. Lavender, jasmine, or sandal are a good choice.

These tips will make your sleep truly useful!

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